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A Love 

Dear Members, Friends and Well Wishers

I begin this letter giving praise and thanks to God Almighty for His Son our Lord and savior Jesus Christ
And the anointed sound of Saint John Will-i-am Coltrane

Dear Listener

You are receiving this communication not to alarm you but to inform the members and community of the financial state of the church, and to give you the opportunity to help and assist in stabilizing and securing our residency at 1286 Fillmore St. where the Saint John Coltrane AOC is housed.

We are challenged to meet the demand letter dated July 5th from West Bay Conference Center who holds our lease, to pay the outstanding balance of $4,750.00 and make the August lease payment of $1,600.00 on or before August 10th which makes a total of $6,350.00.

The invitation extended in this letter is to all who see the value and the worth of this work and would feel moved to support its continual growth and prosperity.

We are calling first for free will offerings or donations which are tax deductible with the option to make a committal pledge monthly, quarterly, or yearly.  Your immediate response is necessary due to the time sensitivity of this matter.  Other ways of being counted among those to whom we are thankful God is using, is to make a reasonable donation for prayer cloths (T-shirts) Icon cards and the book Coltrane Speaks  from our website http://www.coltranechurch.org/

Much thanks and appreciation for taking time to read this request,  “For in the bank of life is not good that investment which surely pays the highest and most cherished dividends.”

Make Secure Online Contributions: http://coltranechurch.org/ Click on "Store" then click on "Donate"
Suggested Contributions: $15.00, $25.00, $50.00, $75.00, $100.00, $1000.00
All donations of $100.00 or more will recieve a prayer cloth (T-shirt)
Mail Checks Payable To: St. John Coltrane AOC
                                     1286 Fillmore St.
                                     San Francisco, CA 94115

A Love Supreme
+Archbishop Franzo King, D.D.